The Look, Feel, and Functional Uses of Motorized Blinds

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The Look, Feel, and Functional Uses of Motorized Blinds

Multifunctional Motorized Blinds Come in an Array of Colors, Styles, and Materials

The Look, Feel, and Functional Uses of Motorized Blinds

Many of our clients just delving into the world of smart home automation start by asking questions about motorized blinds for their homes on the Main Line in Pennsylvania. They've heard how easy these window treatments are to use because of the technology that's transformed home management, but are unclear about which rooms these blinds are best suited for, the different types, and the available texture and fabric.

So, we decided to take a moment to address those questions. You may be surprised at the great array of choices and uses today’s motorized blinds offer.

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Exterior Bug Screens

We thought we'd start with the unusual but extremely useful. Motorized retractable bug screens appear and disappear at the touch of a button. They’re perfect for homeowners looking for protection from insects while still letting fresh air in or allowing the sun to stream through crystal clear glass when windows are closed.

SoundWaves installs these screens on patio windows, large picture windows, and even garage door openings. Ideally, we add bug screens during the construction phase, but they can be installed at any time. We partner with Insolroll, a company that excels in the creation of best-in-class retractable insect screens and solar insect shades that protect you from the glare of the direct sun as well as bugs.

Sheer Blinds

Sheer horizontal blinds soften the glare of the sun while allowing diffuse light to filter into the room. As a result, homeowners achieve privacy while still viewing the outdoors through the beautiful luminescent fabric.

Sheer blinds also filter out the direct, harsh rays of the sun, protecting furniture, artwork, and flooring from fading and the harmful effects of UV light. We can also integrate this translucent shading with a room-darkening shade that is perfect for movie nights or for those that prefer to sleep in ultimate darkness.

Motorized Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds provide a rich and elegant appearance that blends in with the details of a home. Whether knotty pine, classic oak, maple, hickory, or birch, homeowners and designers can choose from an array of colors and textures that add a stylish look to any home or décor.

Customized Fabric

For clients looking for the classic elegance of roman shades or drapes, we partner with Comfortex, Rowley, and other brands that offer an extensive selection of traditional and contemporary fabrics and designs. We can also use almost any material you may have already picked out for your window coverings and turn it into motorized drapes or roman shades.

The Power of Automation

When these unique window coverings combine with the power of smart home automation, you can control them with the touch of a button on your remote control, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere in the world. They can also automatically adjust based on temperature, time of day, automated timing, and pre-set scenes.

At SoundWaves, we specialize in providing innovative technology solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable. By providing easy-to-use interfaces, our clients can enjoy the benefits that customized automation brings without the need for high-tech mastery. To learn more about the many choices and solutions in the ever-expanding motorized window treatment market, call SoundWaves today.

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