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How Motorized Window Treatments Make Climate Control A Breeze


A climate control system keeps you comfortable while also saving energy

One of the easiest ways to reduce your household's energy consumption is to utilize smart control to manage your technology more efficiently. A climate control system makes it easy to ensure that your HVAC system is only working when it needs to be. Create an efficient smart home ecosystem for you and your family! Learn how motorized window treatments improve your overall energy efficiency and lower your monthly bills this winter in your Philadelphia, PA, home.

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Climate Control System

A climate control system reduces your energy consumption by adapting to your daily routine and lowering your electricity bills. For example, if you leave for work at the same time every day, you can schedule your thermostat to go into an energy-saving mode, so it doesn't waste heat on an empty house. Also, program your system to turn off automatically after everyone goes to bed and turn on before you wake up, so your climate is comfortable while you are awake.

As you input your schedule over time, your climate control system recognizes when you turn it on and off, takes note of the pattern and temperature settings, and automatically makes those adjustments for you.

Integrated Technology

The energy-saving and money-saving effects of a climate control system will multiply when you connect it with your other smart devices. Your home automation system proactively manages your technology to keep your home's temperature comfortable.

For example, your motorized window treatments open in the morning to let sunlight warm your home, lessening the work of your HVAC system. Then, when the sun sets, it automatically closes to protect your privacy. The opposite is also true. During the summer, your blinds close to prevent your air conditioner from working overtime to keep your home cool.

Similarly, your home automation system can use smart lighting to save energy. For example, motion sensors tell your system when a room is unoccupied and automatically turn your lights off. Using lighting sensors, your home automation system detects when sunlight is streaming into your home and automatically dims your lights to compensate. Or, you can turn all of your lights off with just the tap of a button as you leave your home for work, preventing you from keeping them on all day.

Keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer with motorized shades. To get started on your window treatment project, give us a call at 484.412.8108 or fill out an easy online form for more details.

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