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What Is Smart Home Automation?


Simplify Your Lifestyle with Connected Technology

Whether you’re at home in the Main Line or you’re at the office in Philly, you spend most of your days surrounded by technology. From you thermostat to your bedside lamp, electronics have come to define modern life. But those same devices can quickly add up to more hassle than their worth – and you might not even notice it. There is, however, a better way: smart home automation. How can automation help simplify your lifestyle? This blog will answer that question and more.

What Is Automation?

Smart automation refers to the concept of technology that works together to make your life easier. You may be familiar with this situation: you’ve just come home from work and you enter your house. The first thing you do is turn on the lights in the hallway, then in the living room. After that, you may sit on the couch and turn on the TV, but realize the thermostat is still set for when you were out of the house. That means you have to get up and change it before you can fully relax and enjoy the evening.

But with technology integrated under a smart home system, all you need is one button and you’re ready to relax. When you arrive, simply tap the command on your smartphone, tablet or dedicated wall panel and watch as the lights turn on, the thermostat cools down and the TV begins playing your favorite content.

Benefits of Smart Automation

Of course, your smart home system does more than just make your evenings more relaxing. It can simplify every aspect of your life. Below, we list a few more benefits of automating your spaces:

  • Simplify your morning: Waking up is easy with connected technology. Set your system to wake you up gently as the perfect playlist begins to filter into your room via your audio distribution system. The lights turn on and gradually become brighter over time. The shades automatically rise, but secondary sun shades remain to protect you from too much sunlight.
  • Save energy with ease: Monitor your regular energy usage with real-time statistics on your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the ability to turn off lights even when you’re miles away. Receive alerts when someone has left the TV on after they’ve left the house, and turn it off remotely.
  • Protect your property: Have you ever left the house and wondered if you’ve locked the door? Integrated door locks can be engaged with the touch of a button. Moreover, your lighting, shading and AV system can be set to an “away” mode that keeps them in use to make your home look occupied when you’re out, helping you avoid prying eyes.

These are just a few of the ways smart home automation can benefit your property. If you still have questions or would like to begin a consultation, contact SoundWaves Custom Home Integrations today by filling out this form.

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