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3 Reasons to Pick Lutron for Home Lighting Control


Bring Comfort, Efficiency, and Style To Your Home

As one of the earliest designers and manufacturers of home lighting control systems, Lutron has long led the way in the industry. Today Lutron lighting control systems can be found in homes across the country and in large commercial buildings, including the New York Times building, the Philadelphia Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field, and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

We at Sound Waves think Lutron is the best choice for home lighting control in the Wayne, PA area. Read on to learn why

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The key innovation Lutron pioneered in the field of lighting control is the concept of “warm dimming.” Lutron systems often use LEDs in their lighting fixtures because of their greater efficiency compared with incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs.

While LEDs fit well in most fixtures and are extremely efficient, dimming an LED used to change the color of the light it emitted; as the light dimmed, the color would change from a welcoming yellow or gold tone to a cooler, more blue shade. This change would dramatically alter the mood of a room and skew the design, negating many of the other benefits LEDs have to offer.

Luckily, Lutron found a solution to this problem with warm dimming. Cool dimming works by taking the electrical energy flowing into an LED and dissipating it as heat, which is why you get that cooler blue light tone with older dimmers.

Warm dimming, on the other hand, interrupts the flow of power flowing to the bulb, giving you that soft glow and a much more pleasant environment in a room. Additionally, warm dimming generates much less heat from the light fixture and is more efficient than cool dimming. Lutron has continued to advance dimmer technology, to the benefit of consumers everywhere.


Lutron lighting control systems are an excellent way to save money by improving your energy efficiency. Even before you install a single dimmer, simply switching from incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs to LEDs is a significant improvement.

A 60-Watt incandescent light bulb produces between 650 and 850 Lumens (the unit of measurement for brightness). A CFL bulb requires between 13 and 18 Watts to generate the same level of brightness, while an LED is even more efficient at just 7 to 10 Watts.

One you install dimmers, though, the game really changes. According to the Lutron website, every percentage point reduction in light level through use of a dimmer results in a corresponding percentage point decrease in energy usage.

Put another way, dimming your lights 10 percent means a 10 percent energy usage reduction, dimming the lights 20 percent equals a 20 percent energy savings, and so on. Over time, the amount of energy you’ll save from using dimmers will add up to a sharp drop in your energy bills.


Smart technology and efficiency are great, but you don’t want your lighting control devices to clash with your interior design. Lutron has accounted for this, though, and they have equipment that will fit right in with any aesthetic.

Lutron dimmers and switches come in dozens of colors and are available with five different finishes. Additionally, there are four different styles to choose from. If you opt to install motorized shades along with your dimmers, Lutron has a wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose from. The company’s website even has several online tools available to help you find the right material. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that fits the style of your home.

To learn more about Lutron lighting control systems and all the have to offer, contact us at (484) 412-8108 or visit our website.

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