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3 Reasons to Love Lutron Controls!


Discover What’s Possible with Smart Lighting Control

Wayfinding and setting the right mood are just two benefits of illuminating your Philadelphia, PA, property with smart LED lighting. From brightening living spaces to helping you relax after a busy day, you can transform an area with the simple tap of a button, a swipe of a finger, or a voice command. Lutron controls give you the power to stylishly showcase your home in its best light while simultaneously being easy to use. 

Keep scrolling below to read about three reasons we love integrating Lutron controls and automated scenes into our clients' homes.

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Energy Savings

Reducing your energy expenditure not only reduces your monthly utility bills, but it can also help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. According to the Department of Energy, lighting comprises approximately 15% of your electricity use, and homeowners can save a few hundred dollars each year by switching their traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs to LED bulbs. Add in intuitive Lutron controls and automation, and you can reduce those costs even further.

Schedules and timers can turn interior and exterior lights on or off automatically, so they’re not unnecessarily being used. And if your typical daily schedule changes, simply use the intuitive touchscreen interface on a tablet or smartphone to manage your smart home! You’ll be able to dim, brighten, and turn on or off each fixture individually, by room, or across the entire home conveniently and from anywhere.

Human-Centric Lighting

Have you ever noticed how down you can feel when the sun isn’t shining or it’s been cloudy too many days in a row? Or perhaps you’ve cringed a bit in the mornings when the overhead light gets turned on and it’s way too bright for that early in the day? The color temperature of a bulb can dramatically shape how you feel and how your home looks. With Lutron Ketra's human-centric lighting, that issue is resolved.

Ketra provides full-spectrum lighting, so your spaces gradually shift from a dim, incandescent glow to a bright, blue-hued tone over a few minutes, a few hours, or on demand from the same bulb! Imagine waking up in a room bathed in a warm swath of light reminiscent of the rising sun. As the day goes on, rooms transform to a brighter color that energizes your mind and encourages productivity. As the sun begins to set outside, your interior spaces mimic that orange-hued sundown.


Your home is your oasis and the perfect spot to relax, entertain and otherwise enjoy yourself with friends, family, or alone. Lutron controls are available in a wide range of finishes and styles that complement your existing decor. And with pre-programmed scenes, you can coordinate several smart devices simultaneously, making your home match your desired aesthetic with a button press.

For example, initiate the “Entertain” scene to support the look and feel you love for dinner and drinks. Shades lower to add privacy, and the lights dim to set the tone for dining and conversation. Your favorite music streaming playlist even begins to play over your in-ceiling speakers, discretely hidden from view without detracting from your interior design.

If you’re ready to bring Lutron controls and smart lighting to your Philadelphia-area home, it’s time to connect with SoundWaves. Fill out our contact form here to get started!

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