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3 Things You May Not Know about Tunable Lighting


True color, dimmable, human-centric lighting will improve your Main Line, PA home this summer.

You may already be familiar with lighting control systems, but are you familiar with the finer points of tunable lighting? Tunable lighting allows you to align your smart home lighting with your natural circadian rhythm, provides incredible flexibility in creating the perfect atmosphere for your artwork, and allows for true color lighting throughout your Main Line, PA home.

Ketra’s lighting control system can be integrated into popular voice control tools such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, and works seamlessly with the Elan smart home automation systems installed by SoundWaves Custom Home Integration.

In this blog, we’ll show you the lesser known ways a tunable lighting control system can transform your life and your Main Line, PA home.

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Support Your Natural Circadian Rhythms

Dynamic lighting can improve your mood, sleep quality, and boost your energy levels. Human-centric tunable lighting is capable of shifts in temperature and intensity to mimic the sunlight indoors.

Why would someone want to mimic sunlight? Well, a vast majority of humans work solely indoors, and this lack of light from the sun affects our circadian rhythm – our internal clock which directs our physical and mental behavior in response to light and darkness – and affects our sleep patterns, which in turn can make us tired and cranky the next day.

By detecting the surrounding colors of your home environment and adjusting accordingly, Ketra’s smart lighting control system will allow you a healthy human-centric lighting environment. You can energize yourself in the mornings and afternoons with bright light while calming yourself with warm light before bed.

Showcase and Preserve Your Artwork

The Art Institute of Chicago uses color-tunable lighting to protect their one of a kind collections while also showcasing the depth of every curve in true color. Ketra, in partnership with the Art Institute of Chicago, tested their LED spectral power distribution over various temperatures and vibrancies, setting the foundation for gallery curators around the world to work with tunable color lighting to showcase their collections.

Ketra’s lighting control system includes LED bulbs which go beyond matching warm and cool color tones; they change to match the colors of the surrounding environment. This means that the decorative art in your home can be beautifully lit while also safely preserved for generations to come. True color lighting is possible with Ketra because of its unique ability to tune white light’s vibrancy, allowing the colors in your personal art gallery to pop.

Dimmable While Maintaining True Color

The tunable spectrum light available from Ketra’s lighting control system can dim in both warm and cool tones, creating a cool daylight white when at maximum brightness and warm amber light when dimmed to its lowest 0.1% setting.

Other LEDs don’t allow for color temperature changes – shifts from warm to cool – and simply dim the same white light, creating a flat and less colorful dimmed effect. Ketra’s lighting control system is different because the cool and warm whites are truly different colors from each other. In addition to being dimmable, Ketra’s smart lighting control system allows for true color, tunable spectrum light producing pastels, saturated colors, and high-fidelity whites. Your home will look spectacular with the addition of tunable LED lighting from Ketra.

Call SoundWaves at (484) 412-8108 or contact us online to learn more about how we can improve the smart lighting in your Main Line, PA home.

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