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3 Unique TV Installation Mounting Ideas For Your Home


Find The Right Spot for Your TV Installation in Any Room

The modern television setup has moved away from standard TV tables and stands as more TV installation options are available to customize your home in the Main Line, PA area. If you're looking for some inspiration, we have some ideas for mounting your television so your room can appear to be more spacious and well organized while enhancing your viewing experience as well. 

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Fireplace Mounting

If your sofas face a fireplace and you prefer to stay warm during winters when watching TV, it might be wise to consider mounting the TV above the fireplace or mantle. A special grove can be made to fit your television securely, or you can even opt for a wall mounting option where the TV can be securely attached with appropriately sized anchors or brackets regardless of whether the wall is concrete, exposed brick, or uneven stone. We can even mount a specially-sized television on materials such as kitchen backsplash—the only limit is your imagination.

Outdoor Installation

Installing televisions outdoors means they need to be protected from the elements, including harsh sunlight and any form of precipitation that can damage the technology. If you want to set up a television outdoors, be sure to mount it on a wall with an electrical connection and no drainage issues. Ideally, the television should be covered with a roof, but it can also be safely secured in a compartment behind a wall that opens during viewing.

Projecting And Lifting TV

If you want to get more from your television, whether it's different viewing points or space-saving techniques, a projecting or lifting TV might be the solution you're looking for. Projecting televisions pop out from the wall; for example, Future Automation has a motorized TV wall mount that extends from your wall and rotates, thereby allowing you to watch TV from any angle in the room. In-ceiling TV lifts lower your television from the ceiling when in use and conceal it above when raised with the push of a simple button. Alternatively, if you choose to use a projector system, we can even hide it in your ceiling so it can descend whenever you need to watch television without disrupting the aesthetics of your home.

At SoundWaves, we provide TV mounting services to help you determine the best location for your entertainment systems. If you want to discuss the possibilities and options for your TV placement, feel free to reach out by phone or fill an online contact form. We look forward to helping you find the right fit for your TV!

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