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Enjoy Whole Home Audio without Compromising on Style and Decor


Bring your home to life with architectural speakers that complement rather than distract from the look of your home

Music influences us in ways that few other art forms can match; the melodies and rhythms affect your emotions, create a sense of vibrancy, and change your perspective. The simple act of listening changes your brain, stimulating every region and triggering the production of hormones that increase pleasure and happiness. 

The streaming revolution enables you to have unprecedented access to any artist and any genre from anywhere in the world. So whether you are listening to classical compositions, Mississippi delta blues, or more contemporary pop-rock genres, a whole home audio system should deliver audiophile-quality reproduction without interfering with the lines or look of your house. 

Are you looking to maximize the sound of your smart home on the Main Line in Pennsylvania while maintaining its aesthetic? Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of architectural speakers. 

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Heard Not Seen 

While there are beneficial aspects to a dedicated listening room filled with equipment and speakers enclosed in hand-crafted cabinets, boxes take up space and distract from other elements in a room. When it comes to everyday living and enjoyment, installing customizable speakers furnishes you with the ultimate style while experiencing music as the artist intended. 

Ceiling speakers provide comprehensive coverage while moving the drivers up and out of the way. The units are available in different shapes and sizes enabling you to have audio in any space desired, from cathedral-like dens to small reading nooks. In addition, the speakers sit recessed behind paintable grills that match any wall coverings giving you clean sightlines. 

When a room’s aesthetic demands seamless presentation, it might seem impossible to bring music to it. Invisible speakers mount inside the walls, eliminating camouflage grill covers or other methods of disguise. The sound is produced using an independent vibrating flat-panel transducer that sits flush to the wall and then covers it with wallboard or paint, allowing it to blend with its surroundings completely. 

Audio Design That Fits 

The build of every home is different, from the architectural flow to the decor, furnishings, and space. Our certified technicians understand how to compensate for features that alter and color the sound while maintaining the integrity of your house. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Contact us at 484-412-8108 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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