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3 Ways You Can Enjoy Whole Home Audio


Learn what sources you can use with your whole home audio system in Center City

Imagine being able to enjoy music throughout your home with one simple press of a button. Listen to the same song throughout your home, or different songs in each room so that everyone can listen to their favorite playlist. Whole home audio offers you complete control of your music collection whether it’s streaming on Spotify or on your favorite vinyl records. Read more to learn the different ways whole home audio will bring joy to your Center City, PA home.

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Streaming Services

The most popular method of listening to music in recent years has been through subscription streaming services. By just paying a few dollars a month, you have access to an almost unlimited amount of music. The most used services are Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify even allows you to share playlists with friends, so you can all enjoy the latest music. Several music services such as Tidal and Amazon Music even offer high-resolution audio to their subscribers. Create a fantastic dance playlist to blast throughout your home during a party, or let each member of your family play their playlist in whatever room they want. Whole home audio expands the possibilities of streaming services by broadcasting them instantly to every speaker in your home.

Physical Audio Sources

If you are into a more vintage setup, you can also use physical audio sources throughout your home. The only downside to using these is that you have to physically change a record or CD if you would like to listen to different artists, which means you do not have as much versatility from the smart device of your choice. You’ll still be able to enjoy music from your record player or CD player in every room and adjust volume as needed from your go-to smart device. Record players and CDs use audio files that are not digitally compressed like the other options on this list. Vinyl records, in particular, offer a high-quality sound that is hard to come by. Plus, there is a particular vintage aesthetic that these bring to the table.

Digital Libraries

Digital libraries are another popular way for you to enjoy whole home audio. You can enjoy the convenience of thousands of songs available at your fingertips on a media server without having to rely on your home network, just like physical audio sources. Although many digital libraries consist of MP3 files, which are compressed and therefore not as high quality as other options, you can look into uncompressed FLAC file options to enjoy your music to the fullest.

If you’ve been considering installing a whole home audio system into your Center City home or upgrading your existing equipment, SoundWaves would love to help you with your project. You can reach out to us at (484) 412-8108 or send us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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