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Hide Your Speakers for a More Beautiful Interior Design


New technologies let you enjoy high-quality sound while preserving a clean home aesthetic

Finding a balance between function and pleasing design is one of the major challenges in any home automation project. You want the best performance possible from your components, but speakers, receivers and similar devices can take up quite a bit of space in a room, and the devices themselves are rarely built to match your home’s aesthetic.

The solution to this dilemma is fairly simple, however: Hide your speakers and wires. There are several methods and devices available to disguise your home A/V equipment, and we’ll walk through a handful of them in this blog. Read on to see how easy it is to hide your high-end speakers in your Center City, PA home.

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The most effective way to prevent your speakers from clashing with your interior design is to make it so the speakers are only heard, not seen. To that end, consider installing your speakers in your walls and/or your ceiling, especially in your home theater.

Invisible speakers still deliver quality performance, even if the devices themselves aren’t easily seen with the naked eye. Moving your speakers off the floor also makes it easier to place them in a surround sound setup, as you don’t have to find floor space for speakers in addition to everything else you might want in your home theater.

One potential issue to keep in mind with invisible speakers is the labor and time required to get them installed. Because most high-end speakers use wired connections to your receiver, you’ll need to run cabling from your receiver to wherever your speakers are going to go. Therefore, it’s much easier and less expensive to place your speakers in out-of-the-way spots during construction rather than afterward. That said, don’t be afraid to remodel your viewing space to get the result you want.

Wireless speaker makers are now getting in on the invisible speaker trend as well. With Monitor Audio, speakers have been revolutionized to be concealed in-wall or in-ceilings. After installation it is covered in a thin layer of plaster and then with paint, wallpaper or fabric. This speaker is hidden completely out of sight, so it doesn’t interfere with a space’s design.


If you’re trying to build a home audio system on a budget or don’t want to tear up your walls or ceiling to install your speakers, bookshelf speakers are another option to consider. Putting speakers on your shelves gets them off the floor and out of the way, all while delivering impressive sound.

One popular option if you’re going the bookshelf speaker route is James Loudspeaker’s integrated audio. Their speakers are built to simply place inside a room and plug in to play. They have a wide variety of free standing, bookshelf, and other in-room style speakers for every room. With high-performance subwoofers and many sizes to choose from you can count on the best sound possible.


Another way to disguise the components of your home A/V system is to hide them in plain sight. There are specially designed pieces of furniture that conceal a TV inside until it’s time to watch something, thus making the TV much less of an eyesore.

You can also buy TVs that are made to look like wall paintings when they’re not in use, though you may be limited in terms of the available screen sizes. Your TV can also be made to route the sound to your hidden speakers, preserving your aesthetic while enjoying superior sound quality. 

With a little creativity and proper planning, creating a home A/V system that fits your interior design instead of clashing with it is a simple task. If you want to learn more about any of these devices or other hidden speaker technologies for your Center City, PA home, give SoundWaves a call at (484) 412-8108 or fill out our online contact form.

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