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How Elan Doorbell Cameras Make Your Home Safer

A doorbell camera keeps a close eye on visitors and motions outside your door.

An Integrated Option for Enhanced Home Security

When you think about high-powered security features to protect your home, does a video doorbell make your list of must-haves? If not, consider doorbell camera options from Elan, packed with advanced features designed to deliver peace of mind at home, work, or vacation.

Elan doorbell cameras offer homeowners a powerful trio of high-definition video surveillance, two-way audio communication, and artificial intelligence. Continue reading to learn more about this technology and how it delivers uncompromised protection for your Philadelphia, PA, home.

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HD Video Quality

Doorbell cameras aren’t typically known for their high-definition video, but this is where Elan separates itself from the competition. With an impressive and high-resolution video feed, Elan’s doorbell cameras capture images in vivid detail, ensuring you can quickly identify faces, license plates, and other essential information, even from a distance. Also, these doorbell cameras maintain excellent image quality during the day and at night, thanks to night vision capabilities.

Two-Way Audio Communication

A two-way audio feature lets you communicate directly with visitors without opening the door. Whether it’s a package delivery or an unexpected guest, this two-way audio provides security by allowing you to verify the visitor's identity before coming face-to-face. This technology also enables you to respond to visitors while away from home, deterring potential intruders who believe you to be inside.

Artificial Intelligence and Motion Detection

The third powerful feature of the Elan doorbell camera is the integration of artificial intelligence. The camera can use AI-powered face recognition to identify regular visitors, like family members or friends, and notify you when an unfamiliar face is at the door.

motion detection feature can also distinguish between humans, animals, and vehicles to send real-time alerts to your smartphone when it detects activity, helping you to know what’s happening at all times.

Integration with Elan Home Automation System

Elan doorbell cameras can integrate with existing Elan home automation systems to stream a video feed from the camera to your TV or touchscreen panel. If the camera detects movement or an unfamiliar face, the Elan system can enact preset “scenes” such as turning on lights or playing sounds to deter potential threats.

End-User Control

Homeowners love having complete control over their Elan doorbell camera settings, able to customize their security to their needs. In the Elan app, you can easily adjust sensitivity settings, set motion sensor zones, and manage alert preferences.

Elan doorbell cameras are designed to provide homeowners with greater peace of mind. With advanced tools for home security, you can ensure a safer environment for you and your loved ones in Philadelphia, PA. At SoundWaves, we’ve seen firsthand how these doorbell cameras greatly benefit homeowners. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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