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How Motorized Window Treatments Keep You Cool in the Summer


Chill Out and Save Big This Season

With summer right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking of ways to save energy. Especially in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas, where utility costs can dominate your monthly bills no matter what season it is, you can use all the help you can get. That’s why you should invest in motorized window treatments – they help you stay cool in the summer. How do they work? In this blog, we’ll show you. Keep reading for more!

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Enhancing HVAC                                

One of the key benefits of smart shading is that it helps enhance your heating, ventilation and cooling system. And one of the top brands for keeping your home comfortable is Lutron. When a room needs to cool down, it’s easy to tap a button on the intuitive Lutron interface and have all of the shades in the room automatically close. Once the sun is blocked, your AC can go to work lowering the temperature in the room.

But smart technology isn’t just about one-touch controls. You can also integrate the systems further. When you combine your motorized shades with HVAC controls, and install temperature sensors, you won’t even have to be in the room for everything to work. In fact, Lutron provides specific settings such as “winter warm,” which automatically lets more light in during the cooler months. Conversely, their “summer cool” setting automatically closes the shades when the room gets too hot.

Integrating Sun Shades  

Among the best aspects of smart shades is the variety. You can invest in heavy blackout curtains, slatted blinds, or roller shades that remain invisible when you’re not using them. But one of the most common types of shades you’ll find in a smart home are sun shades. Typically, sun shades are thin or mesh roller shades that work to keep the heat out while allowing light through.

When you invest in sun shades, like those from Lutron, you enhance your personal privacy without limiting your view of the outside. At a distance, no one can see through them, but up close you’ll notice that they are constructed with a fine mesh. That way you can minimize the amount of energy you have to use on artificial lighting and also maintain a cool environment throughout the daylight hours.

Installing Sensors

Sensors, like the ones mentioned above, can be a big help for managing your energy usage. Not only can they activate your system when you’re not in the room, but they can also monitor the expenditures and tell you when you need to make a change. In fact, according to Lutron, they can save your home up to 20 percent on energy costs!

Daylight sensors on the outside of your property can notify your shades when they need to open or close depending on the available sunlight. If you’ve installed two separate rollers, for the sun shades and blackout curtains, you can even determine which shades are effected. That way, you’ll never have to worry about the sun unnecessarily heating up your spaces.

Are you ready to enjoy lower energy bills and more comfortable environments by installing motorized window treatments? Contact SoundWaves today for more information!

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