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Stay Safe This Summer With Smart Home Surveillance


Protect Your Malvern, PA Property With Integrated Cameras

For many homeowners, protecting their home is top priority. Whether you’re getting ready for bed, going around the corner for some errands or heading out on a long summer vacation, smart home surveillance cameras can help you keep an eye on everything going on in and around your Malvern, PA property. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the big benefits of integrating modern surveillance cameras into your smart home system. Read on to learn more.

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They’re Discreet

Some homeowners resist the impulse to install surveillance cameras in and around their home because they believe the units will be big, bulky and disruptive to their aesthetic. But, in fact, today’s components are often very discreet. You can keep an eye on what goes on inside your home with virtually invisible cameras that won’t affect the décor. Outside, many professional installers recommend at least a few visible units, simply to ward off any potential threats, but you can also discreetly place other cameras for full coverage of your entire property.

They’re in HD

When some people picture surveillance footage, they often conjure images of grainy gray images that don’t tell you much about what’s happening. Today’s components typically record in sharp HD or Ultra HD, so you never miss a detail. In fact, the popularity of 4K UHD in your home entertainment system can be traced back to the developers of surveillance cameras, because capturing details is so important to maintaining a safe home.

They Can Recognize Faces

Modern devices aren’t just good cameras – they’re smart cameras. That means they can do more than your average recording devices. Some offer 360-degree viewing angles, while others can determine if a threat is detected based on the height of the person or animal approaching. Some units can even recognize faces and send you an alert if it’s someone unfamiliar. With modern cameras, you’re safer than ever.

They’re Remotely Accessible

When you install surveillance cameras throughout your property and integrate them with a smart intercom system, you can answer the door from just about anywhere in the world. Stream live footage to your phone and speak to the person outside your front door like you were standing right in front of them. Whether you’re in the basement, around the corner running errands or in Europe on vacation, you can have a real-time conversation with anyone that’s at your door.

They Integrate

The beautiful thing about smart technology is that each unit can work well alone, but they all work better when they work together. So if your system includes integrated surveillance cameras, lighting and AV, you don’t have to worry about your property again.

Say you’ve just ordered a pizza and you’re sitting down with the family to watch a movie. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. You can quickly check to see if dinner has arrived without even getting up – simply pull up the surveillance footage on the TV in your media room. Plus, you can even let them know you’ll be right there by speaking to them on an integrated intercom system.

With smart home surveillance cameras, you can get more out of your system. If you’re interested in learning more, contact SoundWaves today!

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