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Single Room vs. Multi-Room TV Installation: Which Is Better?

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Audio and video elements are crucial, discrete aspects of any home entertainment system. While sound systems breathe life into the scenes, the visual component is usually the highlight. 

Most homes today have both AV components in only one room, which may be the living room or a dedicated home theater. However, with professional multi-room TV installation, you can benefit from video distribution, allowing you to watch your favorite media content from anywhere in the house. 

But what is the difference between one-room and multi-room TV installation? And most importantly, which is best suited for your Mainline, PA, home? Let’s find out!


What Is a One-Room TV Project? 

As the name implies, in a single-room project, all installations—be they TV mounting or video sources—are isolated to one area of your home. Even though the process may seem simple, it’s something that should be completed by professionals. Experts can install your video elements so that no unsightly wiring is visible, preserving the room’s aesthetics. In most cases, single-room projects are carried out in living rooms or home theaters. 

What Is a Multi-Room TV Project? 

Compared to one-room projects, multi-room TV installation is much more complex. It requires the distribution of your video throughout the house. In other words, experts will mount TVs in as many rooms of the house as you want. Also, instead of cable boxes or blu-ray players in every room, they are stored in one central location. 

Consequently, the video distribution system connects every TV throughout the house. Yes, even the ones in your outdoor space. This makes watching movies and TV shows so easy and seamless. For example, you can pause whatever you’re watching in one room, turn off the TV, move to another room, and resume watching the show on that room’s TV. You can also watch the same content in different rooms at the same time. 

If you’re worried that TV mounting may impact your home’s aesthetics, opt for a concealed installation. This way, your video components remain hidden behind custom-built cabinets or artwork when not in use. 

How Do I Use Distributed Video? 

In luxury homes, automation is a key feature that operates several home devices. Your distributed video system is no exception. With the help of distributed video, you can access the TV system from virtually any part of the house. 

Instead of dealing with multiple cluttered remotes, simply pause, play, watch, and do so much more with a user-friendly touch panel. You can also use your phone to operate your home entertainment system.

Whether your home needs a single or multi-room installation ultimately depends on your desires, so call SoundWaves at 484-412-8108 or fill out our easy online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to be in touch!

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