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4 Fundamental Building Blocks of a Strong Home Network


Curb Connectivity Issues with a Professional Home Network Installation

Not long ago, consumer-grade network solutions typically worked fine to support online activities and devices at home. Internet wasn’t mission-critical for most homeowners, making a robust home network a lower priority.

Today, reliable internet connectivity is nearly as important as electricity. Not only is your network the backbone of your growing smart home, but it must also support online activities like video meetings, school e-learning, streaming, and more—all at once.

Is it time to reevaluate the home network installation in your property on the Main Line? Below, learn the four fundamental components of a strong home network and how SoundWaves can help deliver the connectivity speed and performance you need.

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A Professional Site Survey

Sometimes, all it takes is a router reset to resolve a mysterious connectivity issue. But what if that doesn’t work? Maybe your next course of action is to change the location of your router. If that still doesn’t help, then you might be left scratching your head.

Unfortunately, many factors can cause your network to perform poorly. To mitigate these issues, work with a network professional like SoundWaves to conduct a site survey of your property. We use advanced tools to identify weak zones, signal-blocking obstructions, and optimal locations for access points. With that information, we’ll design a custom network system that delivers speed and performance everywhere you need it.

Commercial-Quality Components

Like we mentioned earlier, consumer-grade equipment doesn’t offer the support needed for today’s internet-dependent automation and audio-video systems. Plus, now that adults are working from home more often, their networks need to seamlessly support video conferencing, too.

Commercial-quality routers offer high-stream throughput and allow several users to access the router without congestion. They also prioritize network traffic to ensure you never experience dropped conference calls or buffering.

Additionally, commercial-quality access points offer the coverage you need for all your wirelessly connected activities. Expand wireless coverage to the outdoors or far corners of the home without worrying about losing signal. Commercial-quality access points also allow your wireless devices to quickly transition between access points as you roam so that you’re always connected.

Strong Cabling Infrastructure

Ideally, your home network should run on both wireless and wired connections for better speed and reliability. Mobile devices can rely on the Wi-Fi signal, while stationary devices like your smart TVs and desktop computers use an Ethernet connection to free your wireless network from congestion.

The network experts at SoundWaves install advanced cabling with technology like fiber optics to ensure faster data transfer and high-bandwidth support for your devices, systems, and online activity. This type of cabling also prepares your home for future connectivity and performance needs.

Remote Monitoring

The last thing you want to experience is a mysterious connectivity issue just before an important sales call. When you work with SoundWaves to upgrade your home network, you can rest assured that we’ll also be there to keep an eye on the health and performance of your network devices and connected systems. Our network systems give us end-to-end control from a distance with in-depth monitoring that allows us to resolve issues from afar, getting online devices up and running as they should be.

Talk to the home technology professionals at SoundWaves to learn more about our services and how we can improve your network! Contact us here or call 484-412-8108 to get started.

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