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Home Audio Distribution: Started Guide


Consider these Recommendations as You Plan Your System

At the center of many activities is one thing, music. Image a backyard BBQ without your favorite summertime playlist or an elegant dinner party that lacks ambiance. The right genre of music goes a long way in setting the mood for your gathering. Do you have a beautiful stereo system confined to your family room? Is your solution to home audio distribution, turning the volume way up so you can also hear the music in the kitchen?  Follow our planning guide to understand the necessary components to create great sound throughout your home. 

Consider the number of rooms or zones

Like any other home improvement project, it’s best to consider the features you’ll want in a new audio system. Count up the number of rooms or different zones of audio that you’ll want to have. This detail will quickly let you know what equipment you might need as well as the scope of the installation process. Evaluate the electronics you already have such as speakers, amplifiers, and receivers. Can any of them be repaired or used in your new system? This is also an opportune time to set a budget for your whole home audio system.

Some homeowners only want to enjoy music in certain rooms, rather than throughout their entire homes. For them, a small, wireless system, like one from Sonos, may be the perfect option. The benefits of a Sonos system is that it does not require heavy installation, but provides excellent sound quality that you can control with your smartphone or tablet. In fact, you can even integrate Sonos control with most major smart home control manufacturers, so you can enjoy even greater command over your system.

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Consider wired and wireless options

In terms of sound quality and control, Sonos wireless multi-room music systems are nearly as good as a wired system. A key benefit of wireless speakers is flexibility. Want to rearrange a room or move speakers? Not a problem. You can do it easily without having to rewire everything. A benefit of a wired system, the quality, and consistency of the audio. The best choice for you might include a combination of both wired and wireless solutions. Our team will provide recommendations based on your unique situation and individual needs.

Consider the number of sources

The next key question to ask yourself is ‘how many audio sources do I want?’ Will you listen to the same source in all zones/rooms? Or do you want to simultaneously stream different sources to separate zones? If you answered, ‘yes’ to the latter question, you’d need a multi-channel receiver as part of your system. If your family is like most, the kids will likely want to listen to their music in their bedrooms while you listen to satellite radio in the kitchen. We recommend a multi-source system as it will ease tensions over who is in control of the music.

The number of sources is up to you. Jot down a list of the what you would like to include access to. Here’s a list to help you get started:

  • Streaming music services (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal)
  • Turntable (If you have to Google this, just move on)
  • CD player
  • AM/FM or satellite radio
  • Media player

Remember that the more sources you want the complex and the costlier the system will be.

Consider the visual impact and design

If you prefer a visually non-invasive aesthetic, we can install ceiling-mount speakers that are hidden inside of ceilings or walls. At SoundWaves, we take into account any structural limitations that might impact the design of a distributed audio system. Such building features as concrete walls or vaulted ceilings will affect the type of speaker, its placement and mounting options, and acoustic output within the space.

At SoundWaves, our home technologists design audio distribution systems that enhance your home’s entertainment potential. To do this by creating a wiring layout during the new construction pre-wiring phase or during a home remodeling project. Next, our team seamlessly integrates the necessary electronic components so as to keep your home’s décor intact.  Not in the construction phase? Not a problem. We can still design and install a distributed audio system; the process will be a bit different. Tell us more about your project to get the ball rolling. 

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