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How to Make Your Smart Home Build Successful


Why Partnering With an Integrator Early in the Build Process Saves Time, Money and Heartache

Bringing smart home automation to your home can enhance your enjoyment, better your lifestyle, and increase your well-being.  The excitement and anticipation of what a smart home can provide you mean you should reach out to the professionals before you start a build or renovation. Including our design-build team from the start can save you time, money, and heartache.

The team at SoundWaves Custom Home Integration can work with you to ensure your home on Philadelphia’s Main Line has the right systems for your needs and is installed correctly the first time.

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Coordination and Collaboration

Any systems design starts with the discovery and planning stage. In this phase, we work with you to find the solutions that fit your lifestyle and heighten your sense of comfort and security.

As a professional integrator, we understand how all of the infrastructure components are interrelated. No system stands entirely on its own and having smart home elements as part of the initial planning saves time and money. Working as part of the build team, we can recommend overlooked services such as adding moisture detection in air condition systems before the walls are closed up.

We work with your architects to ensure that the circadian based lighting works in concert with the daylighting elements. The relationship between the sun can be made complete with motorized shades to maximize natural sunlight with energy concerns and lower the stress on HVAC systems.

Our sound systems are designed to fill the house with music, inspiring the soul without the speakers interrupting the lines and ambiance your designers have planned.  Your home theater can contain many elements to recreate that cinema house experience. Still, a wrongly placed hanging light or wall treatments can interfere with the projected image or cause audio issues. We work with your designer to carefully plot out sightlines and add acoustic treatments to compensate for any conflicts. 

Relationships Are Key

A successful build depends on timely coordination from the general contractor and the associated trades. A delay can have a domino effect on the others, complicating integration, causing extended timelines and higher costs.

We have built relationships with contractors, electricians, plumbers, architects, and builders over the years. Nothing is worse than being told that things will take longer and cost more because the sheetrock was put up before lighting, network, or speaker wires were run and tested.   By bringing in our integration from early on, the teams can layout schedules to ensure each accommodates the others for successful completion.

Bringing You Home

Every system SoundWaves Custom Home Integration installs is completed with a full commissioning procedure. The process verifies that all systems are running at optimal levels and that you are comfortable with everything from interfaces to daily functions. The final fit-out is simple and straight forward if the coordination and collaboration began before the build. We want to get you into the home of your dreams without hassles or delays.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of partnering with an integration company early, especially with smart home automation. Contact our team at SoundWaves to start planning now. We’re excited to hear from you!

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