3 Lutron Keypads That Add Beauty and Simple Control to Your Home

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3 Lutron Keypads That Add Beauty and Simple Control to Your Home

Complete Your Smart Home Automation Experience with Intuitive Wall Keypads

3 Lutron Keypads That Add Beauty and Simple Control to Your Home

Who says adding smart home automation technology to your home must detract from your interior design? Not only are Lutron lighting and shading solutions beautiful and versatile, but their wall controls are, too. Lutron offers a wide selection of keypads that can be tailored to fit your style and needs.

In this blog, we’re comparing three Lutron keypads: Palladiom, Alisse, and Pico. Keep reading to learn about these keypad styles and envision what each option could bring to your Philadelphia, PA home.

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Exclusive to Lutron’s HomeWorks control system, the luxury Palladiom keypads bring elegance and architectural design to your home. These wired keypads are sleek and modern in design, featuring buttons and faceplates that are made from the same material for a consistent aesthetic.

Palladiom keypads include large, easy-to-use buttons that can be custom-engraved to meet your smart home needs. Customizable backlit text provides scene status and makes your keypads easy to read. Choose from single- or double-column configurations with up to four buttons in each column.

Faceplates and buttons are available in beautiful matte, glass, and metal finishes. Go classic with white, or go bold with bright brass, polished graphite, satin nickel, and many more.


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The newest addition to Lutron’s HomeWorks wired keypad line, Alisse keypads balance timeless design with intuitive control. Their circular buttons and square faceplates add a retro yet modern aesthetic to any interior. Machined from solid brass and finished by hand, Alisse keypads are stunning to look at.

Choose from one, two, or three columns and fill each column with up to three buttons to create the perfect configuration for your needs. Then add custom-engraved text or icons to represent your lighting and shading scenes. When pressed, each button offers a subtle backlit glow to show scene status.

Alisse keypads come in many metal finishes that complement other decorative elements in your home. Dress up your spaces with aged brass, satin nickel, bright chrome, matte black, and other luxurious finishes—all of which are part of Lutron’s Signature Metal Collection and exclusive to Alisse.


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Unlike Palladiom and Alisse, Pico wireless keypads aren’t exclusive to Lutron HomeWorks. In fact, you can pair Pico with a wide variety of Lutron solutions and control systems. These versatile battery-powered keypads can be configured for use as a wall keypad, table-top controller, or handheld remote.

Like all other Lutron keypads, Pico can control lights, motorized shades, HVAC, and audio. Because it’s wireless, Pico requires no external power or communication wiring. Plus, with 10 years of battery life, you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries in your Pico controls anytime soon.

Pico wireless keypads come in two-button, three-button, and four-button configurations and are available in gloss and satin finishes. Choose from colors like white, black, light almond, and more.

As an experienced Lutron dealer, SoundWaves can help you select the right keypads for your smart technology, style, and budget. Learn more about the beauty and intelligence of Lutron keypads and the value they add to your home by contacting SoundWaves today! Get started by calling 484.412.8108 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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