Did You Know Your Home Surveillance System Could Do This?

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Did You Know Your Home Surveillance System Could Do This?

Smart Security Starts at Home

Did You Know Your Home Surveillance System Could Do This?

Winter is a time when many homeowners love to get out of the house.

Whether you’re visiting family across the country or taking a trip down to sunny South Florida to help warm up, you don’t want to leave your home unattended.

Thankfully, your smart home surveillance system can help. 

If you’re thinking about ways to help protect your Philadelphia, PA property this season, this is the blog for you. 

Keep reading to find out more about the specific features you could be taking advantage of with your surveillance system.

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Define Parameters

You may already know that your home surveillance system can send you push notifications every time they sense motion around your property.

But you probably don’t want to hear about it every time your dog decides to go to the backyard and do his business.

That’s why it’s easy to define parameters for your motion sensors and other detectors.

Everything from height to facial recognition can help your system know when it’s appropriate to notify you that something is amiss.

That means you won’t get an alert every time the mailman drops off a package, but if a stranger approaches the door, you’ll be the first to know!

Predictive Analytics

Another feature you can use with your smart surveillance system may just help you prevent problems before they start.

The New Year will be one for artificial intelligence, and you can already apply predictive analytics software to your surveillance system.

What does that mean? Simple: it means your smart cameras can take a look at the different behaviors of the people it sees and determine where they plan to go.

If someone approaches your outer gate, your system can judge their movements and determine whether they’re a potential threat.

It’s a great way to stay safe even when you’re far away from home.

Infrared Viewing

Filming at night can be tough.

A lot of times, there’s simply not enough light to capture a clear shot.

So if anything goes wrong, you may not have the vital information you need to get help.

But your smart surveillance cameras can see in the dark. During the nighttime hours, it’s easy to take a look at what’s happening thanks to infrared viewing.

You can see what’s going on and make the appropriate decisions for your safety no matter what time it is, day or night.

Are you interested in learning more about what your home surveillance system could do? We’re here to help! We can offer recommendations on different brands and camera types as well as do the full installation at your property.

You can give us a call at 484-412-8108, or just click here for more information!

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