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5 Reasons You Need to Work with a Professional Home Theater Designer

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Stay Home for the Ultimate Movie Night Experience

Movie award season just passed, but the perfect home theater design incorporates much more than movies. Sports, streaming TV shows, and video game entertainment, plus lighting, shading, and more, are all at your fingertips with the simple touch of a button. Press play, and your home entertainment space in Philadelphia, PA, is ready for whatever you want to watch. But there’s more to experiencing a winning goal or dropping your jaw in response to a dramatic plot twist than simply turning on the television. 

As an HTA Design Partner, the SoundWaves team has been designated as a leader in technology collaboration that maintains a luxurious aesthetic for homeowners. We work alongside builders and architects, interior designers, and other trade experts for the entirety of an integration project—from start to finish—to ensure every device works in harmony with one another in an intuitive yet highly sophisticated way to add a touch of class to everyday living.

Read below for five reasons why you should work with a professional home theater design company instead of settling for a spec-design or basic entertainment room.

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1. Scope and Complexity

Audiovisual (AV) design from a commercial integrator like SoundWaves differs significantly from production home theater designs due largely to the specialized knowledge and experience required for this type of project. A general contractor may have experience in designing and building homes but will likely need more technical expertise to integrate technology into a space's overall design and experience.

2. Collaborative Design-Build Approach

We have a design-build process with a more collaborative and iterative approach. The design must be refined and adjusted throughout the process to meet a homeowner's needs and preferences. Our team works on complex projects with extensive AV needs in the luxury home market. In contrast, home builders may merely focus on having enough wall outlets in your theater space for all the devices without giving a second thought to the entertainment experience as a whole. Home theater design requires a focus on aesthetics, and the design needs to be visually appealing and blend seamlessly with the rest of the home's interior.

3. Customization

Commercial integrators provide highly customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of a business or organization, taking into account factors like functionality, aesthetics, and integration with existing systems. Standard contractors typically only offer standardized AV packages with limited customization options.

By integrating AV systems with other building systems, such as lighting, HVAC, and shading, we help homeowners craft the ideal hotspot for entertainment from the comfort of their homes. We understand the importance of seamless integration for efficient and user-friendly operation, so all you’ll need to do is tap a button or say a voice command. For example, pressing the Movie Night button on an on-wall keypad or smart remote can dim the lighting, chill the room a few degrees, and lower the rollaway projector and projection screens. All you’ll need to do is select something to watch!

4. Expertise and experience

Commercial integrators have specialized expertise in designing and implementing advanced AV systems for various industries and applications. They know the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the AV field. Home builders may have some AV experience but typically lack the same level of expertise as commercial integrators.

5. Ongoing support and maintenance

Not only do we design and install bespoke home theater spaces, but we support them, too, with ongoing support and maintenance services. From basic AV troubleshooting to system updates and user training, we support the systems we’ve installed so they operate optimally over time. You can’t expect that from a production home builder or simple AV package.

Ready to transform your entertainment experience? Chat with our team below, or fill out our contact form here to get started.

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